Summer Wedding in Long Island City
Wedding Season is Here

The summer wedding season is officially here! Summer temperatures in New York City can reach 90°’s (the hottest summer temperature ever recorded in New York City was 108°) It is essential to know that although summer weddings are incredibly romantic, such hot temperatures can cause some real discomfort to you, your wedding professionals, and your guests. Being considerate (read being well-prepared) is key. Proper preparations are especially important for an outdoor wedding.
From abundant shade and hydration stations to appropriate summer bride and groom attire, in this article we are covering the most important things to consider when planning and outdoor summer wedding in New York. We have compiled expert tips of the pros you’ll want to follow to ensure your guests enjoy your special day, too!

Here are the top 6 tips to plan the best outdoor wedding for your guests:

Summer refreshments for a wedding ice cold water with lemon
1. Pre-ceremony refreshments 

While your traditional glass of “welcome” champagne is always tempting, keep in mind that for the next hour, your guests may be under the scorching summer sun. Try opting to serving non-alcoholic drinks as pre-ceremony refreshments instead.

Cold water, iced tea, fruit and mint-infused water, lemonade – keep your guests thirsts quenched and their well-beings in mind and hydrated. There will be plenty of time to pop the bubbly later!

2. Shade

If you can host your wedding ceremony in a shaded area or under a plethora of trees, it will probably be a good idea to do so. Otherwise, don’t forget to provide parasols and personal fans (wedding programs make great fans!) for your guests. You may also want to provide sunscreens, sunglasses and hats depending on the wedding style and length of the ceremony.  

3. Timeline 

To avoid the mid-afternoon scorching heat, begin your ceremony later in the day such as around 6PM. A later time will provide a more comfortable environment and save your guests from sunburn and heat exhaustion.

Remember, sticking to the timeline will help to keep your guests happy and comfortable. You never want to make your guests wait too long. They are excited to share your day with you and the more comfortable they are during your wedding ceremony, the more energy they will have to keep your dance floor lit during your reception!

Punta Cana summer ceremony seat allignment
4. Seats 

Even if you host a short and sweet 15 – 20 minute ceremony and opt for a non-seated arrangement, plan ahead for your elderly guests and pregnant friends. In extremely hot weather, even 5 minutes standing can become challenging. 

Seats matter, and not only the quantity but the type of seats as well. For example, metallic chairs are great and may look pretty in the pictures however, for obvious reasons, chair cushions are a must.

5. Pests

We love summer weddings. And so do bugs! Be sure to ask your venue about their pest control schedule. You may also want to provide travel-sized bug spray for your guests if your ceremony runs long.

Also, talk to your florists as they can suggest some specific flowers that help to keep the bugs away! 

Summer wedding ceremony tips
6. Sunglasses

Help your guests to be more present and comfortable during your ceremony by providing them with sunglasses and protecting their eyes from direct sun light. Those glasses can also double up as souvenirs and keepsakes of warm and lasting memories of your wedding day.

Sunglasses as wedding favors for a summer wedding in new york

Following these simple steps will most definitely enhance your guests’ experience at your wedding. With so many significant details to keep in mind, planning your own big day can get overwhelming. When it feels like a little bit too much, try reaching out to your local event planners for help.

Thank you to Olha Barabash at Sense of Moment for contributing her knowledge and expertise to this article.

Featured venues: Ravel Hotel Events, Queens Botanical Garden

Photography: Tatiana Valerie, ArtVesta Studio