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13 Questions about wedding photography

Midtown Loft and terrace bride

1. Should I hire a professional wedding photographer or relative/friend?

While you may feel comfortable with a relative or friend to capture your big day, a professional photographer possesses the technical mastery of shooting, logistics and time constraints. Experienced photographers will work with you, understand the vision of your event, and then capture your most precious memories without getting swept up in the celebration, lose entire segments of your wedding or forget backup equipment. If a relative or friend shoots your wedding, he or she is more likely to get caught up in the celebration and miss important shots.

Professional photographers anticipate and capture the most expressive split second at the exact time. They know how and when to crop the picture to highlight an important detail and keep all the other elements in the background. Professional photographers can also preserve all the details in a picture and keep all the important objects in sharp focus. Most importantly, experienced photographers can make your event look magnificent regardless of your wedding budget.

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2. What is a proof?

A proof is a low-resolution digital image or small-sized print. Photographers do not retouch all the pictures from their event shoots. Instead, they print or create a low-resolution version of all “open eyes and in-focus” photographs for a customer to view and then select a handful of the best pictures for further post-production and larger prints.

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Behind The Scenes of a Professional Wedding Photographer

Photography is my biggest passion and nothing can stand in my way when I see “the perfect shot” and attempt to capture it (getting the perfect shot is often strewn with hurdles!) Every successful effort and every beautiful photograph brings me a tingling feeling of joy and satisfaction that, I must admit, is addictive 🙂

I love great team work when the goal is to be not just efficient but also effective. It makes things run so much smoother and produces wonderful collateral benefits such as freed-up time or great behind-the-scenes photos!


Thanks to my wonderful assistant Mariana for taking this amazing behind-the-scenes shot of me photographing a wedding dress at Metropolitan Building in Long Island City a couple of weeks ago.