On May 31st, 2014 I photographed The Third Annual NYC Zeta Psi Founder’s Day Banquet in celebration of Zeta Psi’s Founding 167years ago. Hosted by Zeta Psi NYC Regional Alumni Wine Club (RAWC), the event was held at the prestigious Columbia University Club of New York (in residence of the Princeton Club of New York).

This is my third year photographing this event and it has been wonderful watching it grow. Events like this are always full of great interactions and I always do my best to capture at least a few great photo journalistic shots.

Events 2012, 2013


Event 2014

Zeta_Psi_Founders_Day_001 Zeta_Psi_Founders_Day_002 Zeta_Psi_Founders_Day_003 Zeta_Psi_Founders_Day_004

Photo above: due to a very limited space, I had to utilize my fish-eye lens to fit all 120 people into the photo!


I always take a lot of traditional shots, “table shots”, photos of details, and a few photo journalistic photos to fully preserve memories of an event.

Photo below is from the Founders Day celebration 2013. The two brothers are looking at printed photos from the 2012 event and sharing their memories. My mission is accomplished.


Special thanks to Stephen Halperin for putting together such a fantastic event and for making me a part of the celebration.