Got engaged? Congratulations!

Your engagement ring is one of your proudest possessions and it is is essential to keep it looking its best.

To ensure that your precious ring stays spotless and sparkling, you will have to clean it regularly, but not with soap!

Clean your engagement ring with:

– a special jewelry cleaning solution and a lint-free cloth or a small brush any time when your ring’s shine and sparkle begins to dull. Be careful and do not hold your ring in your fingers under the water – a small container or a strainer will help in preventing your ring from falling down the drain

– ammonia free Windex which is great for a quick fix but as experts say, an ultrasonic cleaner and steamer is the best.

How to take care of your engagement ring


– use any kind of lotions, soaps, or chemicals while wearing your ring
– use pins, needles, or other sharp objects to clean your ring. This will scratch the stone or surrounding metal
– do not wear your ring to the gym or when doing physical work
– touch the stone(s) with your fingers
– keep your ring loose with other pieces – the diamonds in your ring can damage your jewelry while your ring’s gold or platinum setting can be scratched by other gems

And of course make sure to get your ring inspected at least once a year by a qualified jeweler to guarantee the setting is secure.