“When I first brought Andres home – keep in mind we were only 17 years old – he showed up to pick me up in a cowboy hat, leather cuffs and a cut-off shirt. My mom was terrified and kept asking me if he was dangerous and saying “please tell me you don’t like this guy!” I assured her that he was harmless and from then on, he slowly crept into her heart” – Jessica

Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6754

Jessica and Anders were married April 12th 2015 and met October 4th 2005. Both moving from Florida to New York together their story is anything but your typical high school sweetheart story. Jessica coming from a Jewish American family and Anders Catholic Columbian their wedding was a magnificent fusion of cultures.

Being raised by a protective single mom, when Jessica brought Anders home for the first time she thought he was dangerous. But as time passed her mom came to know how wonderful Anders really was. They laugh about it to this day. Jessica and Anders attended prom together. Anders younger sister was 2 when they started dating and now, as a young lady was Jessica’s Maid of Honor. Organizing for two very different cultures was an adventure for both of them. Jessica who is now fluent in Spanish encouraged certain American traditions to Anders family (like not wearing a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding!) while Anders encouraged a bilingual Rabbi so the ceremony could be celebrated by everyone.

Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6606 Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6701-Edit Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6720-Edit

An intimate, elegant, affair, with 100 of their closest family and friends they married under a Chuppa at the Waters Edge overlooking the city. The men wore yamulkas then they danced the night away to Columbian Merengue, Salsa and the Hora.

Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__006 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__008 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__010 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__011 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__013 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__016 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__017

Appetizers were empanadas among other columbian foods. Instead of a guest book they placed make a wish stones in an elegant basket where guests could write a wish for the couple on the stones for them to keep. Royal Photo Booth provided some hilarious photos with multicultural props. While guests could post their own photos with their personal Instagram hashtag.

Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__038Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__043Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__041Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__039Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__044 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__048Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__051 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__052 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__053 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__054 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__056 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__057 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__058 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__059 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__060 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__062 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__063

Jessica’s style was classic but contemporary. To enhance her gorgeous blush dress Amy from Amy Klewitz Beauty and Jessica decided on a  textured side chignon that perfectly accompanied her vintage headband and earrings.

Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__072 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__073 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__076 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__077 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__078 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__080 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__081 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__082 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__087 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__089 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__092 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__093 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__095 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__097 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__102 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__103 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__104 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__106 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__107 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__108 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__110 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__111 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__113 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__114 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__115 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__116 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__119 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__124 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__125 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__127 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__128 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__129 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__132 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__131 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__136 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__137 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__139 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__142 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__144 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__145 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__147 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__148 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__149 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__150 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__151

Knowing Jessica’s love for makeup Amy airbrushed a flawless coverage and accentuated her eyes with some false lashes that Jessica, never wanted to take off. Tatiana Valerie from Atrvesta Studios captured the moment and lighting from the city perfectly, to make it one memorable night for everyone.

Cinematic Video Teaser for Jessica & Andres — Water’s Edge, NYC

Wedding Slideshow – Andres and Jessica’s Wedding at The Water’s Edge

The couple’s wedding books came out gorgeous!

Jessica Andres Collage

Event Professionals:

Photography: Tatiana Valerie, Artvesta Studio

Hair & Makeup: Amy Klewitz Beauty

Photo Booth: Royal Photo Booth, Laura Adaza

Chuppah: Your Chuppah NY

Wedding Dress: Casablanca

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Venue: The Water’s Edge