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Sarah and Rossi’s New York City Elopement

Sarah & Rossi eloped to New York City in early September 2015. We had been corresponding with Sarah for over a year prior to our meeting in New York on their wedding day. What a sweet and beautiful couple they are! I immediately noticed how Rossi’s calm demeanor perfectly balances out Sarah’s vibrant and bubbly personality. They were clearly a match made in heaven. Fascinated and infatuated with the pair, I asked Sarah and Rossi to share their love story with me and with the world.

1) How and when did you meet Rossi and when did you both understand that you were meant to be together?

We met in college, Rossi was playing at a college gig that night and the time didn’t suit me and the girls.   So I marched up to him & told him to play later……. but then I didn’t turn up in till well after his gig was over.  Oops!  BUT… Rossi says for him it was love at first sight (such a cutie!)

    Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC

2) What are the most memorable moments of your “dating” times?

Wow there’s a lot of times – it took him 5 dates before he kissed me!  He dropped me off at work.  I produced a Dublin Radio psychic show Fri & Sun nights and was chatting to the girls and said “feck this!” and called him and asked him straight out!

We both kinda just never thought of being with someone else when we got together – it was never oh we’ll see where it goes – we just knew it was the fit for us. Although I do remember the 1st vacation we went on.  Rossi had never been on a plane & was acting really weird – he didn’t want to tell me he was nervous.  Rossi remembers giving me driving lessons at the start – it was the first time meeting outside of college.  He claims I was a bad driver — I just didn’t know how to drive!

Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC

3) Why did you pick New York for your elopement? Why did you decide to get married in Central Park at Chess and Checkers house?

We LOVE New York! I had worked there 2 summers while in college so the 1st yr when we bought our house I got Rossi a Christmas pressie — a trip to the states! We’ve visited quite a few times over the years.  2.5 yrs ago on May 5th 2013 we were walking through Central Park and stumbled upon the Chess & Checkers House over looking the carousel & Rossi proposed! I was so shocked – happily so!

So when planning a wedding it was so easy for us – elope to New York, our favorite city, where Rossi proposed . I have a very good friend I met all those yrs ago who lives in Long Island so we were lucky enough to have her as bridesmaid & her husband join us!

Our day was just fantastic, really it’s like a fairy tail! We woke up together & exchanged gifts, then Kelly & Mike arrived. Myself & Kelly headed off to get our hair done, then into MAC in Macy’s for makeup. We went back to the hotel where we met you!

It was so relaxed getting ready.  Rossi sent up champagne strawberries & chocolate to have while getting ready. We had told my parents, Rossi’s dad, my closest friends & Rossi’s friend.  I was skyping me family throughout  (We had gifts for them.  Then sashes for mother/father/sister of the bride. We had left some champagne & arranged food so fun party decorations for them) then it was off to get lost in the park at the Zoo.

We were married by a lovely officiator where Rossi proposed then had such a wonderful time getting our pictures taken around Central Park before heading to the Plaza. We had champagne cocktails, a bike carrier brought us to the boat house in the park for dinner, then hit grand central for pictures, and finished up in 230 fifth where we had our first dance cocktails and more food & fun!

Elopement on an Irish couple in Central Park NYC


Jessica and Andres’ Wedding at The Water’s Edge, NYC


“When I first brought Andres home – keep in mind we were only 17 years old – he showed up to pick me up in a cowboy hat, leather cuffs and a cut-off shirt. My mom was terrified and kept asking me if he was dangerous and saying “please tell me you don’t like this guy!” I assured her that he was harmless and from then on, he slowly crept into her heart” – Jessica

Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6754

Jessica and Anders were married April 12th 2015 and met October 4th 2005. Both moving from Florida to New York together their story is anything but your typical high school sweetheart story. Jessica coming from a Jewish American family and Anders Catholic Columbian their wedding was a magnificent fusion of cultures.

Being raised by a protective single mom, when Jessica brought Anders home for the first time she thought he was dangerous. But as time passed her mom came to know how wonderful Anders really was. They laugh about it to this day. Jessica and Anders attended prom together. Anders younger sister was 2 when they started dating and now, as a young lady was Jessica’s Maid of Honor. Organizing for two very different cultures was an adventure for both of them. Jessica who is now fluent in Spanish encouraged certain American traditions to Anders family (like not wearing a wedding dress to someone else’s wedding!) while Anders encouraged a bilingual Rabbi so the ceremony could be celebrated by everyone.

Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6606 Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6701-Edit Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6720-Edit

An intimate, elegant, affair, with 100 of their closest family and friends they married under a Chuppa at the Waters Edge overlooking the city. The men wore yamulkas then they danced the night away to Columbian Merengue, Salsa and the Hora.

Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__006 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__008 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__010 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__011 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__013 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__016 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__017

Appetizers were empanadas among other columbian foods. Instead of a guest book they placed make a wish stones in an elegant basket where guests could write a wish for the couple on the stones for them to keep. Royal Photo Booth provided some hilarious photos with multicultural props. While guests could post their own photos with their personal Instagram hashtag.

Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__038Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__043Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__041Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__039Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__044 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__048Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__051 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__052 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__053 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__054 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__056 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__057 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__058 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__059 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__060 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__062 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__063

Jessica’s style was classic but contemporary. To enhance her gorgeous blush dress Amy from Amy Klewitz Beauty and Jessica decided on a  textured side chignon that perfectly accompanied her vintage headband and earrings.

Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__072 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__073 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__076 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__077 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__078 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__080 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__081 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__082 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__087 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__089 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__092 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__093 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__095 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__097 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__102 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__103 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__104 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__106 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__107 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__108 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__110 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__111 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__113 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__114 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__115 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__116 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__119 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__124 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__125 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__127 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__128 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__129 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__132 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__131 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__136 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__137 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__139 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__142 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__144 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__145 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__147 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__148 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__149 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__150 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__151

Knowing Jessica’s love for makeup Amy airbrushed a flawless coverage and accentuated her eyes with some false lashes that Jessica, never wanted to take off. Tatiana Valerie from Atrvesta Studios captured the moment and lighting from the city perfectly, to make it one memorable night for everyone.

Cinematic Video Teaser for Jessica & Andres — Water’s Edge, NYC

Wedding Slideshow – Andres and Jessica’s Wedding at The Water’s Edge

The couple’s wedding books came out gorgeous!

Jessica Andres Collage

Event Professionals:

Photography: Tatiana Valerie, Artvesta Studio

Hair & Makeup: Amy Klewitz Beauty

Photo Booth: Royal Photo Booth, Laura Adaza

Chuppah: Your Chuppah NY

Wedding Dress: Casablanca

Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Venue: The Water’s Edge

A City Hall Wedding on December 31st, 2014 in New York City

This couple is very near and dear to my heart, Yelena and Alex. I was honored to photograph the City Hall wedding of these beautiful people — beautiful inside and out. Yelena and Alex decided to tie the knot on December 31st while visiting their families on a school break. Yelena is studying in Atlanta, GA to become a doctor.

Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 002It is pretty awesome that the City Hall in New Your City is open on December 31st! There were people lined up outside of City Hall at 7:30 AM — an hour before the doors opened. Finally, at about 8:45 the couple was checked in and given a number for the clerk window. At the window they and their two witnesses were asked to sign the marriage
certificate. At 
that point the couple was formally married.  There was a ring exchange ceremony ahead and we all looked forward to it!

The ring exchange ceremony lasted about five minutes but it was a very nice touch to the overall very formal process of officially registering a new family (to learn about the whole process of marriage license application in New York City, please take a look at this article.)

Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 003 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 004 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 005

After we were done with formalities, we headed uptown for some really cool photos at Grand Central Terminal, followed by photos at Washington Square Park and the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. We had a lot of fun and took some great photos.

Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 007 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 006
Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 009aManhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 008 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 009 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 010 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 011 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 012 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 014 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 015 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 016 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 017 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 019 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 020 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 021 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 022 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 023 Manhattan City Hall Wedding NYC 024

During our photography session we also filmed Yelena and Alex’s NYC Love Story.


Benefits of Professional Wedding Photography: Education, Training and Experience

Your big day is approaching and you have everything in order. You have your caterer, your church, your reception hall, the cake, the rings, the dresses, vows are written, and everything is in place. Or is it? Who is doing your photography? Oh not to worry – your cousin is an amateur photographer and he is taking the pictures. It was a good way to shave a few dollars off the budget. Good idea right? Wrong.

Midtown Loft and terrace bride

Why is it not a good idea? Why do you want to hire a professional wedding photographer for your big day? Pictures are pictures right? Again wrong. There are benefits to having a professional photographer for your wedding and these benefits far outweigh what you can shave from your budget by having an amateur do it for free. These pictures are the placeholders for the memories of your wedding for the rest of your life. Your cake will be devoured in a night. Your pictures will last longer than a lifetime.

Wedding in Montauk NY 1000

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and those pictures will be one of the most important items in your box of memories. The more incredible the pictures, the more incredible the memories will be. What are the benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer: Education, Training and Experience

A professional photographer is going to get you the best possible pictures, using the best set ups and props. The photographer will make sure the lighting and angles are excellent. When you interview photographers for your wedding, remember you want someone with great credentials. What are great credentials? Education and training in photography and years of experience, specifically with weddings.


Style is a vital component in why you should choose a professional wedding photographer. If you let a relative who is an amateur take your pictures what style will they have? Do they know they have a style or is it all haphazard? You take a huge risk by doing that.

Hire a professional whose style matches yours and who will give you the type of pictures that you want. Do you want modern shots that are black and white and very stark but stunning? Do you want the more traditional and formal style of pictures, mostly in color with set ups that everyone will recognize? Do you want pre-set pictures from a list you give the photographer or do you want candid, not preplanned pictures? Can an amateur deliver what you want in this area? Think this through completely and make sure your wedding photographer matches your desires and go with a professional who will immediately understand what you are talking about when you say you want modern, contemporary shots or you want a traditional wedding portfolio.

The metropolitan building Wedding

Camera Equipment Knowledge:

You will want to hire a professional wedding photographer because they have the right equipment to provide you with the pictures and quality that you want. Your relatives or friends might have a really nice digital SLR with zoom lens, but usually they will still be handicapped by not having a variety of lenses and a couple of cameras of professional caliber. The type of photographic equipment used is as important as the person behind the camera. This is your wedding day after all. You are looking for the memories of your lifetime and you need the right professional equipment and the right professional with the training and experience to make the best use of it.

The Photographer’s Role:

Another reason to avoid having a relative or friend be your wedding day photographer is that they are emotionally involved in the activities of the day. They are more likely to get distracted and not get the pictures you want. Then what happens at the reception when they want to eat, have cake, and dance the night away? Do you end up without any pictures from your reception? Also it is very common for the guests at your wedding to give leeway to a professional wedding photographer because they understand that person’s role. They understand that you are paying that person. However, they are far less likely to give the same leeway to Uncle Bill. They will not see him as a professional photographer. They will see him as equal to themselves in just trying to get a good picture. He might have better equipment than they do, but he is still Uncle Bill and they have no reason to get out of his way or to let him get the picture.

Carlton hotel, Midtown Loft & Terrace Wedding


Unlike a professional, your friends or relatives will not have a proven track record of taking photos at many weddings. The professional wedding photographer needs to be able to show you a proven record of success – they should have a portfolio of pictures from all the different types of weddings they have done.

Wedding Photographers do More:

Another benefit of hiring a professional wedding photographer with a lot of wedding experience is one that most people never think of. Your photographer will be your right hand woman on your wedding day. You will spend more time with your photographer on this day than with anyone else including the groom. Because of this you need a professional who is focused on you and not on their own role in the ceremony. The professional wedding photographer does a lot more than take the pictures. They also make things easier, more relaxed, and more enjoyable for the bride and groom, but especially for the bride.

Think about this for a few minutes. Who will be with you, the bride, from the moment you start your day until you get in the car to leave for your honeymoon? He or she will be in the background and never interfere unless you need them. But you will need them. The photographer is probably the person who assists the bride the most as she goes through her day.

Your photographer will be there for your pre-wedding breakfast. They will tell you if your makeup is good and if your hair is out of place. Who is there every minute calming the bride and assuring her that she looks gorgeous? Who is there every minute to tell the bride that her jewelry is right and her hair clip works perfectly. The photographer is always says “That’s it. That’s good. You’re beautiful. Great shot”. All these things calm an over excited bride. What we know for sure is there will be moments when the only person available to calm the over excited bride is the photographer. If this is a relative, they are in the church seated while the bride is alone in her nervousness.

So many brides and grooms never consider this aspect of hiring a professional wedding photographer. Even if you have a wedding planner, they will not be your shadow every minute of the day like your photographer will be.  Your photographer has to be an organizer and a cheerleader. They have to be a professional and the bride’s best friend for the day.

She also needs to be a therapist for the entire wedding party keeping them calm and keeping them on schedule. It is more likely to be the photographer who says “let’s go it’s time to start”, rather than the officiator. When something goes wrong the photographer has to be able to keep things calm and get whatever shots they can until the crisis is resolved. They also then have to readjust their timing to make sure they get all the shot you requested.

Wedding on a boat in NYC Hornblower NY

Communication and Reliability:

Because of the importance of the role as stated above you need a professional wedding photographer and not an amateur. You need someone who can communicate very well with the entire bridal party and get them where he wants them when he wants them there without anyone feeling like he is an intrusion into the day.

She must be available emotionally for the bride so this means she has to match the bride’s personality as much as possible, be relaxed and outgoing, compassionate and sensitive, fun and energetic. It’s a big order to fill and that is why you need someone who knows how to do it and has done it successfully for years. He or she must be all of this and yet stay out of the way, in the background and of course, most importantly get the best and most intimate photographs while taking care of everyone in the bridal party. No amateur, no matter how good, relative or friend, will be able to maintain the distance and impartiality needed while still offering the intimacy and support needed and still get the shot.


You need to hire someone that you, the bride, are comfortable with. Think about spending ten to thirteen hours with this person on the biggest day of your life. You had better like being with them.  You will expose your most intimate self to this person. Make sure you will be treated with respect and sensitivity.  This photographer needs to be the best possible combination of experience and patience. Patience just might be the most important characteristic any wedding photographer can have.
Props: Remember this is your photographer. You will spend all day with her but the most important thing is the pictures. Make sure she has the props and set ups she needs at every stage of the day: before the ceremony, at the ceremony, at the reception, and as you leave the reception.

Remember the most important thing is that this is the biggest day of your life.

They will give you the best quality and the most creativity. What is so important about having a professional is that they will find a way to be in the right place at the right time in order to get the right shot. No amateur can have the experience needed to be able to do this. It takes experience and training to be able to do this. The professional also knows how to coach the subjects of their pictures – to help them relax and look natural in every shot.

He or she has the experience to deal with the bride, groom, bridal party, families, guests, friends, officiator and wedding planner all day long and still stay out of the way, while taking great photos.
Establish a great rapport with the bride. If this does not happen then you will see it in the pictures.
Finally a professional wedding photographer will have outstanding planning skills. They have to be able to plan for any contingency that might occur on the day of the wedding. They need to have a plan for the story they are telling of your wedding day.

With all of this taken into consideration it only makes sense – both from a budgetary and a personal – for the bride and groom to hire a professional wedding photographer.

Punta Cana Dominican Republic Wedding