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Menagerie Presents: Tatiana Valerie

Meet founder of Artvesta Studio, Tatiana Valerie. Tatiana has over 10 years of experience in photography and has been featured in a number of fashion and wedding outlets, including Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, InStyle, Style Me Pretty, and more. She’s a women on a mission to break outdated stereotypes about wedding photographers.

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Meet: Tatiana Valerie

Photography is a passion that has brought so much inspiration into my life. I had the fortune to capture some breathtaking sights: from the majestic blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef to the grandness of the Great Wall of China to the elegance of Eiffel Tower.

I have also had the opportunity to share a few precious moments with a whole range of diverse people: from farmers to politicians, from fashion models to famous figure skaters, from Wall Street bankers to non-profit lawyers.

What brought you to the wedding industry?

During my journey, I discovered that nothing was more emotionally rewarding than photographing people’s most joyous moments. That’s why I love weddings. It is where I capture the moments that represent true beauty in our lives: the loving glimpse of a father as he gives his daughter away or the tears in the eyes of the bride and groom when they take their first kiss as a married couple. Preserving the fairy-tale magic of a wedding day is what I enjoy most.

What is your favorite moment at a wedding?

I really love the first glimpse between a couple and the overwhelming joy experienced in that moment. To capture such a raw moment is extremely emotional and rewarding for me.

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What is the best part about your job?

Meeting amazing people, witnessing some of the most beautiful moments in their lives, and telling their stories. When the wedding and the celebrations are all over, I get to provide them with something they get to relive together over and over again in the photos. Those emotions and the stories I capture for them in their photos are never-ending.

Where do you draw inspiration from when preparing for each wedding?

I draw inspiration from the couple themselves. I really like to get to know my clients and get in sync with them. What are they like? Are their personalities bubbly or more reserved? I watch them interact and notice those sweet tiny moments of when they really connect. This is what inspires me the most and that is what I want to capture! No couple and no wedding are ever alike.

Share something that is unique to you and/or your business.

I care about natural beauty, realism and I am extremely detail-oriented. I like carefully observing people and noticing what unique traits make them attractive. I believe that everyone is beautiful and it is up to a photographer to notice, bring out, and capture those characteristics. I always ask myself, “What angle, lighting, and emotions will make the most impact and tell the right story?” I think every artist is unique in their ability to sense, conceptualize, and capture emotions and beauty.

I also host a semi-annual Artvesta wine and cake tasting social each year to bring together friends in the industry and meet newly engaged couples. We just had our most recent event this November.

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Artvesta Studio Won “The Most Popular Photo Studio in New York” Award – 2014!

Hello everyone! I’m incredibly excited to announce that we have won “The Most Popular Photography Studio in New York” award by the Wedding Industry Experts. The Wedding Industry Board announced the winners on June 15th, 2014.

I am so proud and thankful to everyone who nominated me to this award, supported and voted for me in this competitive endeavor.

We are also among Top 5 Most Popular Photography Studio in the United States and Top 10 Most Popular Photography Studio – Worldwide.

It has been a great privilege to serve you, our dear clients. Thank you for your loyalty and your appreciation. We love you!

Tatiana Valerie and the entire Artvesta Studio team.



What makes a wedding photograph stand the test of time?

vintage vs modern photo colorization

We all can remember looking through an old wedding album and snickering at the outdated dresses, hair styles and poses.  Every album has the bridal party standing in the church in the same configuration: everyone lined up, bridesmaids on the left and groomsmen on the right, with the newly married couple in the middle.  Every album has pictures of the bride and groom posed with various members of the family.  When you think of modern day photography versus these old photographs, do you picture something different?  Are these traditional photographs passé?  What makes a wedding photograph stand the test of time?

With the development of digital photography, that almost completely replaced film, there are many trends that, over the years, have been popping up in wedding photography. Some deal with the coloring of a picture. Perhaps the person or subject in the photography is in black and white with one particular item still vibrant in color (a somewhat tacky trend of 2003-2006).  Maybe the pictures have been airbrushed to the point of erasing all details in the bride’s wedding dress or worse, her face. The washed-out look in photography has become popular in recent years.

Unfortunately, modern and trendy practices in photography run the risk of going out of style. They can make the picture seem dated and not natural.  Modern and trendy may work for some couples whose personalities mirror a modern, trendy vibe.  The majority of these trendy looks and effects are added after the original photos were taken and this is the part that, eventually, goes out of style. Therefore, it is a great idea to request your wedding photographer provide you with pre-post production versions of your photos.

A wedding photographer should capture the essence of the couple and record the joy of the day.  A couple hiring a wedding photographer can ensure timeless wedding pictures by sharing their vision and personalities with the photographer. The pictures won’t ring true if the photographer is trying for an image or effect that is not comfortable for the couple.

Some people think many trendy, modern pictures indicate a good photographer. While creativity is nice, having a few clean, magazine quality pictures is a must even for an ultra modern couple. The timeless look of your photos will ensure that they will be well received by future generations. A truly classic, timeless photograph will always look classy and hold its own among the trendier ones.