Ryan & Craig – a Fun Wedding at Robert restaurant in MAD – teaser

June 27, 2014

Ryan and Craig’s wedding proposal was very simple and very true to their personalities. They are both in the entertainment industry and both lead very busy lives… read more


To read the full story and view more photos from this wedding click here >>>

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Artvesta Food & Love Event at Spoon

June 26, 2014

Another wonderful Artvesta event sponsored by Spoon Caterers & Events took place on Tuesday, June 24th.

Huge thanks to everyone, who helped us make our Food and Love event a success!

The highlights of the night were:

– delicious hors d’oeuvres from Spoon Caterers

– yummy in-house-made lemonade from Spoon

– live percussionist’s music enhancements

– awesome raffle prizes

– cute gift bags for every guest

TAT_8299 TAT_8333

To read the full story and view the full gallery of this event click here >>> 

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Artvesta Studio Won “The Most Popular Photo Studio in New York” Award – 2014!

June 15, 2014

Hello everyone! I’m incredibly excited to announce that we have won “The Most Popular Photography Studio in New York” award by the Wedding Industry Experts. The Wedding Industry Board announced the winners on June 15th, 2014.

I am so proud and thankful to everyone who nominated me to this award, supported and voted for me in this competitive endeavor.

We are also among Top 5 Most Popular Photography Studio in the United States and Top 10 Most Popular Photography Studio – Worldwide.

It has been a great privilege to serve you, our dear clients. Thank you for your loyalty and your appreciation. We love you!

Tatiana Valerie and the entire Artvesta Studio team.



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June 9, 2014


Artvesta and Spoon Catering Food & Love Bridal Social

Artvesta Studio is bringing you another fantastic event. Come join us for an intimate evening of great organic food, live music, great wine, and quality photography.

For more information and registration, please follow the link below:

See you there!

650 Food & Love 06-24-14

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May 22, 2014

Waterside restaurant, NJ – a fairy-tale wedding of college sweethearts.

A fantastic, fairy-tale wedding of Jessie and Sasha at Waterside Restaurant & Bar in New Jersey. This time I worked with Gary Flom, a very talented photographer based out of Wayne, NJ.

Waterside restaurant NJ Wedding 21 Waterside restaurant NJ Wedding 16 Waterside restaurant NJ Wedding 25 Waterside restaurant NJ Wedding 28

To read the full story and view the full gallery of this wedding click here >>>


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May 16, 2014

A new review for Artvesta Studio from Beijing, China!

I LOVE how global our world has become! For the past few years I’ve had a pleasure and a privilege to work with clients from France, Netherlands, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Australia and now China! Today I’ve received a new review… in Chinese! Love it! Thanks, Ailin & J!

Tatiana 是一位很有热情并具备专业素质的摄影师!并且她获得纽约市最佳婚礼摄影师!


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May 13, 2014

Cherry blossom engagement photo shoot in Central Park.

Sneak peek of a recent engagement photo shoot in Central Park. Embrace spring, go outside and snap some gorgeous pictures!

“The world’s favorite season is the spring.
All things seem possible in May.”
– Edwin Way Teale



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November 22, 2013
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What Happens at Your After the Wedding Day Photo Shoot

October 21, 2013

What is an after the wedding day photo shoot? It is a photo session a few days after the wedding or after the honeymoon. The bride and groom dress in their gown and tux and have a relaxing and stress free photo session.

What is really nice about this session is that you don’t have to worry about getting your wedding clothes dirty or wrinkled if your photographer wants you to take pictures outside. Since these pictures are taken within weeks of the wedding, the bride and groom are still in the honeymoon stage and the emotions come through in the photos from any good professional wedding photographer.

Another major advantage to this kind of after wedding photo session is that the pictures can be taken anywhere in any setting. If you live in New York the pictures can be taken at Grand Central Station or in Times Square or Central Park.

When you are not pressured on time, your professional wedding photographer will be able to use her creativity to the best of her ability. In this way her photos taken after the wedding are exceptional. This is an opportunity to get some very different kind of pictures than you were able to get on your wedding day.

Westbury Manor Wedding

Benefits of an After the Wedding Day Photo Shoot:

Wardrobe Changes: It lets you take more great pictures in your wedding gown with the groom in his tux, as well as in your reception and honeymoon clothes.

Go Places: This second shoot, whether after the honeymoon or the day after the wedding, allows for pictures to be taken in a wide variety of venues – indoors and out – in an art museum or in a forest. Go to the first place you met, kissed, started dating, etc. Make some exciting memories!

Less Stress: You get all these extra shots and you don’t have to put any extra stress on your wedding day schedule. You can even be a little more relaxed on your wedding day, knowing that there will be another day for taking more pictures.

More Props: You can choose to use all types of props that you could not use on your wedding day. These after wedding photos can be playful and teasing or they can be serious and sultry. Of course they can also be both. That is the real glory of the after wedding day photos – they can be anything at all that you want them to be. They are not held back by the formality of the wedding day.

Westbury Manor Wedding 2013

Variety: You can have your after wedding day photos shot at different times of the day. You can start with sexy day after breakfast pictures and then move to pictures in the forest in the early afternoon. Finally some night shots at a slightly fancy dinner out and slow dances afterward. With these pictures you would have a complete story of your wedding and the day after.

New Likes: You can provide your professional wedding photographer with a list of things that you and your new groom like and are attracted to. The photographer can use this list to put together a creative list of after wedding photos. If you like ice cream, then your photographer can find a quirky ice cream parlor to take some pictures at.

Westbury Manor Wedding 2013

Playful Poses: Some brides advocate having a trash the dress session where you have pictures taken while you do things that will destroy your wedding dress, like sit in the ocean or a swimming pool with your dress on. Or maybe you want to lie on the beach and get sand all over your dress while various posed pictures are taken. These are usually fun and playful poses.

Westbury Manor Wedding 2013Westbury Manor Wedding 2013

No matter what the reason might be the decision on when to take the traditional or artistic wedding day photos is up to the bride and groom. Your professional wedding photographer will be willing to work with you and take the shots whenever you prefer they be taken.


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What makes a wedding photograph stand the test of time?

September 12, 2013

vintage vs modern photo colorization

We all can remember looking through an old wedding album and snickering at the outdated dresses, hair styles and poses.  Every album has the bridal party standing in the church in the same configuration: everyone lined up, bridesmaids on the left and groomsmen on the right, with the newly married couple in the middle.  Every album has pictures of the bride and groom posed with various members of the family.  When you think of modern day photography versus these old photographs, do you picture something different?  Are these traditional photographs passé?  What makes a wedding photograph stand the test of time?

With the development of digital photography, that almost completely replaced film, there are many trends that, over the years, have been popping up in wedding photography. Some deal with the coloring of a picture. Perhaps the person or subject in the photography is in black and white with one particular item still vibrant in color (a somewhat tacky trend of 2003-2006).  Maybe the pictures have been airbrushed to the point of erasing all details in the bride’s wedding dress or worse, her face. The washed-out look in photography has become popular in recent years.

Unfortunately, modern and trendy practices in photography run the risk of going out of style. They can make the picture seem dated and not natural.  Modern and trendy may work for some couples whose personalities mirror a modern, trendy vibe.  The majority of these trendy looks and effects are added after the original photos were taken and this is the part that, eventually, goes out of style. Therefore, it is a great idea to request your wedding photographer provide you with pre-post production versions of your photos.

A wedding photographer should capture the essence of the couple and record the joy of the day.  A couple hiring a wedding photographer can ensure timeless wedding pictures by sharing their vision and personalities with the photographer. The pictures won’t ring true if the photographer is trying for an image or effect that is not comfortable for the couple.

Some people think many trendy, modern pictures indicate a good photographer. While creativity is nice, having a few clean, magazine quality pictures is a must even for an ultra modern couple. The timeless look of your photos will ensure that they will be well received by future generations. A truly classic, timeless photograph will always look classy and hold its own among the trendier ones.

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