“When I first brought Andres home – keep in mind we were only 17 years old – he showed up to pick me up in a cowboy hat, leather cuffs and a cut-off shirt. My mom was terrified and kept asking me if he was dangerous and saying “please tell me you don’t like this guy!” I assured her that he was harmless and from then on, he slowly crept into her heart”- Jessica

Jessica and Anders were married April 12th 2015 and met October 4th 2005. Both moving from Florida to New York together their story is anything but your typical high school sweetheart story. Jessica coming from a Jewish American family and Anders Catholic Columbian their wedding was a magnificent fusion of cultures… Read more>>>

Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6720-EditJessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__006Jessica Andres Bride Preparations 01TAT_6701-Edit Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__043 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__038 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__059 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__080 Jessica_Andres_The_Waters_Edge_Wedding__151

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