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I was recently asked by to share my secrets to a flawless wedding getting ready photo shoot. Here are my eight tips that will help to get the best getting ready photos.

As a former corporate employee, I treat every wedding as a complex project where every element depends on advanced planning prior to the Wedding Day. With more than 12 years of hands-on wedding photography experience, I believe that pre-planning helps all the major players of the big day – including the couple, bridal party and immediate family members – stay on schedule and get better quality photographs.

Here are my top tips on achieving better getting ready photos:

1. Ask your hair and makeup artist for the estimated time needed to complete your wedding day makeover. Add 30-40 minutes to their estimate and be prepared for anything. There are always unexpected things that will get in the way including an urgent phone call, an important missing item, or a friend who wants to congratulate you early. This all adds up and consumes precious time. Don’t be surprised or frustrated by it; just plan for it. …read more