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The Practical vs The Traditional. The First Look at a Wedding.

Wedding traditions often times will come in conflict with capturing the most important posed photos at a wedding, such as family pictures, bridal party pictures, and couples portraits.

If you follow strictly with tradition, the most important shots happen right after the ceremony because the first time the bride and groom see each other is during the ceremony.

The challenge with the traditional way is organizing group photos when everyone is already tired, hungry, and don’t look their best any more. Sometimes it is impossible to hunt down all the family members for the pictures as they are already enjoying the food and drinks at the cocktail hour, all scattered around.

The solution to this often overlooked problem is simple – the first look!


First look is a moment staged by a planner and a wedding photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.

The first look is a very romantic and emotional moment that is not only very special for a couple but it also helps to save a lot of precious time and give the couple peace of mind. Instead of taking couple’s portraits, family photos, and bridal party photos after the ceremony, when everyone is tired and eager to eat, drink, and party all these important photos are taken care of right after the first look, when everyone is still enthusiastic and looks fresh.

First look is the answer to a no-stress pre-ceremony photo shoot … and you will be able to swing right into the cocktail hour, have your first drink, meet and greet your guests minutes after you say your “I do’s”

ArtVesta Studio is a Yelp All Star!

I am so honored to receive this prestigious award. ArtVesta Studio is one of the 17 hand-picked businesses in NYC that have received this recognition in 2018. Thank you, Yelp!!!

Yelp All Star NYC - ArtVesta Studio Yelp All Star NYC - ArtVesta Studio