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The Knot Gala 2014

The Knot Gala is the most extravagant and the most anticipated party for event industry professionals that takes place at The New York Public Library at Bryant Park, NYC every year. This year’s event was designed by Jes Gordon and inspired all five senses which means lots of texture paper flowers, a scent bar and even an amazing hanging food forest…. read more>>>

The Knot Gala 2014 _006

Yohaidy Pichardo, Tatiana Valerie, DJ Johnny Stuart

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Rain or Shine – Wedding in Montauk, NY at Sole

The Couple:

Pearl is a professional model, a dancer, and a singer and she was a lead performer a Hairspray musical in 2006. Michael owns a media production company. They met on a Hairspray tour in 2006 in Atlantic City where they spent nine weeks playing.

The Proposal:

Michael proposed a few years later when they finally had a weekend that they could spend together in New York. They were visiting their friend Christopher, they rented bikes and rode all around the city. During a brunch together Michael asked his friend to take a photo of Pearl and him. Michael had not just a camera but also Pearl’s ring in his pocket and it all worked out perfectly because Christopher documented how Michael got down on his knee to propose to Pearl and she said YES!

The Wedding:

In the perfect storybook fashion, Pearl and Michael held their wedding in the Hamptons keying in on the recent 1920’s revival.

Pearl and Michael’s wedding was designed and inspired by the opalescent 1920’s beach town wedding. Great Gatsby vintage chic, the Hamptons charm, and the Brooklyn hipster style were blended perfectly into a beautiful intimate celebration.

Even though the day turned out rainy, a few spatters did not make it even a bit less perfect. The couple picked The Montauk Point Lighthouse as a “first look” destination and the location could not have been more perfect — the scenery of the place is breathtaking! The Montauk Point Lighthouse is the fourth oldest active lighthouse in the United States and in 2012 it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

The ceremony and reception took place at the garden of Sole Hotel & Resort under a tent. The highlight of the reception was bride’s bouquet toss. The bride’s gay single friend decided to participate and try his luck along with “all the single ladies, who put their hands up” and he was the one who caught the bouquet!

The wedding was a lot of fun and was a beautiful beginning of Pearl and Michael’s new life as a husband and wife.
Pearl_Michael_0026 Pearl_Michael_0032 Pearl_Michael_0038 Pearl_Michael_0046 Pearl_Michael_0049 Pearl_Michael_0063 Pearl_Michael_0085 Pearl_Michael_0124 Pearl_Michael_0127 Pearl_Michael_0141 Pearl_Michael_0142 Pearl_Michael_0175 Pearl_Michael_0185 Pearl_Michael_0190 Pearl_Michael_0225 Pearl_Michael_0252 Pearl_Michael_0258 Pearl_Michael_0268 Pearl_Michael_0276 Pearl_Michael_0285 Pearl_Michael_0294 Pearl_Michael_0298 Pearl_Michael_0324 Pearl_Michael_0405 Pearl_Michael_0456 Pearl_Michael_0485 Pearl_Michael_0519 Pearl_Michael_0525 Pearl_Michael_0548 Pearl_Michael_0550 Pearl_Michael_0557 Pearl_Michael_0566 Pearl_Michael_0582 Pearl_Michael_0586 Pearl_Michael_0673 Pearl_Michael_0687 Pearl_Michael_0695 Pearl_Michael_0712 Pearl_Michael_0763 Pearl_Michael_0775 Pearl_Michael_0781 Pearl_Michael_0824 Pearl_Michael_0847 Pearl_Michael_0920 Pearl_Michael_1012 Pearl_Michael_1014 Pearl_Michael_1033 Pearl_Michael_1040 Pearl_Michael_1118 Pearl_Michael_1202 Pearl_Michael_1260 Pearl_Michael_1316 Pearl_Michael_1534 Pearl_Michael_1541 Pearl_Michael_1550 Pearl_Michael_1595 Pearl_Michael_1615 Pearl_Michael_1636 Pearl_Michael_1706 Pearl_Michael_1719 Pearl_Michael_1730 Pearl_Michael_1736 Pearl_Michael_1804 Pearl_Michael_1874 Pearl_Michael_1938 Pearl_Michael_1941 Pearl_Michael_1949 Pearl_Michael_1967 Pearl_Michael_1976 Pearl_Michael_1983 Pearl_Michael_1994 Pearl_Michael_2003 Pearl_Michael_2018 Pearl_Michael_2028 Pearl_Michael_2061 Pearl_Michael_2137 Pearl_Michael_2140

From the photographer:

For a photographer shooting in the rain is always tricky. I had to bring three camera bodies and six various lenses with me and carry them in my camera bag at all times to make sure that I always have dry and working equipment. Having sufficient backup photo equipment is crucial for a wedding photographer because weddings have very structured timelines and there is no second chance to re-take the photos.

An amazing iPhone app called Dark Sky worked great for predicting short 5-minute “no rain” windows of time allowing us to plan our “between the pours” ventures outside for taking photos.

Great shoot overall but it required a lot of planning and preparations. Congrats once again, Pearl and Michael! May you be showered with limitless love and happiness for many happy years to come!

Photography: Tatiana Valerie, Artvesta Studio
Flowers: FLO NY Events
Rings: Custom Made by Laura Lobdell
Venue: Sole East, Montauk, NY

The Bride & Groom and The 3 Monkeys

This wedding was very New York City and so much fun! The 3 Monkeys, a spacious and charming, gastro-style craft pub with a lounge-y feel hosted this intimate afternoon wedding. Who said that a wedding needs to be fancy? Great friends, great beer, great city — the combination of the three is a great recipe for unforgivable memories!

TAT_3530 TAT_3551

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Where fashion and wedding photography meet.

This elegant vintage 40’s inspired wave hairstyle was created by Amy Klewitz, a talented New York City makeup artist. One of the biggest fashion trends of 2015 is 40’s pinup style translated into modern day sex symbols. Gorgeous, independent, and powerful women, who are not afraid of emphasizing their gentle feminine qualities.

Stephanie_Amy_Klewitz_01 Stephanie_Amy_Klewitz_02

Photos that tell a story.

I love when a photo tells a story. This is one of my favorite pictures from Jen and Michael’s wedding. I asked the bride to share what was going on at that moment when the picture was taken:

This is when Roz took a picture on her cell phone. She said to please get next to my Dad so she can have a picture of both of us. When I got next to my Dad for the picture I started to cry and that is when her cell phone picture got snapped! In your picture is when we were laughing at how the other picture came out.”