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What makes a wedding photograph stand the test of time?

vintage vs modern photo colorization

We all can remember looking through an old wedding album and snickering at the outdated dresses, hair styles and poses.  Every album has the bridal party standing in the church in the same configuration: everyone lined up, bridesmaids on the left and groomsmen on the right, with the newly married couple in the middle.  Every album has pictures of the bride and groom posed with various members of the family.  When you think of modern day photography versus these old photographs, do you picture something different?  Are these traditional photographs passé?  What makes a wedding photograph stand the test of time?

With the development of digital photography, that almost completely replaced film, there are many trends that, over the years, have been popping up in wedding photography. Some deal with the coloring of a picture. Perhaps the person or subject in the photography is in black and white with one particular item still vibrant in color (a somewhat tacky trend of 2003-2006).  Maybe the pictures have been airbrushed to the point of erasing all details in the bride’s wedding dress or worse, her face. The washed-out look in photography has become popular in recent years.

Unfortunately, modern and trendy practices in photography run the risk of going out of style. They can make the picture seem dated and not natural.  Modern and trendy may work for some couples whose personalities mirror a modern, trendy vibe.  The majority of these trendy looks and effects are added after the original photos were taken and this is the part that, eventually, goes out of style. Therefore, it is a great idea to request your wedding photographer provide you with pre-post production versions of your photos.

A wedding photographer should capture the essence of the couple and record the joy of the day.  A couple hiring a wedding photographer can ensure timeless wedding pictures by sharing their vision and personalities with the photographer. The pictures won’t ring true if the photographer is trying for an image or effect that is not comfortable for the couple.

Some people think many trendy, modern pictures indicate a good photographer. While creativity is nice, having a few clean, magazine quality pictures is a must even for an ultra modern couple. The timeless look of your photos will ensure that they will be well received by future generations. A truly classic, timeless photograph will always look classy and hold its own among the trendier ones.

7 Must-have Qualities Of Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding rings closeup

It’s been said that the substance of excellent wedding photography is emotion.  After all, what good is a wedding picture if the couple is standing somber and just staring at the camera?  Isn’t the picture much more indicative of the day if there was a twinkle captured in the eye of the groom or a tear escaping from the corner of the bride’s eye as she gazes up at her new husband?

Who can resist the pull of heartstrings while looking at a picture of an emotional tearing up mother dancing the mother-son dance? Classic and timeless.  Emotions are definitely the substance of good wedding photography.  How can you make sure you end up with photographs that will stir the emotional memories every time you look at them? Hiring an experienced photographer is a must if capturing the emotion of your wedding is important to you.

1. Finding a wedding photographer who will respect your vision and someone who you feel comfortable with will also ensure a more natural feel to the emotions seen in the photos.

Wedding rings engagement ring photo at the mark hotel in new york

2. It is amazing when a wedding photographer arrives early putting the couple at ease. It goes without saying that the photographer should be familiar with the couple’s family members, as well as the bride and groom. An experienced photographer can follow your vision when giving you gentle guidance on the best locations, timing and poses.

Bride getting ready sipping champagne at the mark hotel in new york

3. Formally posed pictures (formals) are usually placed in a wedding album; however, having an experienced photographer who can also take a photo-journalistic approach to your wedding can get you some unforgettable photographs to help tell the story of your day.

Grooms Family helping groom to get ready

4. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to anticipate and capture important moments. You want a professional, who can capture great memories without interfering with the activities of the day.  Many moments in a wedding are once-in-a-lifetime.  You can’t always redo them to get that missed shot if your photographer doesn’t have the experience necessary to get them the first time.

New York City Wedding Photo Shoot
5. Very often overlooked, great planning skills are a must for a professional wedding photographer. I always make sure that I have a solid wedding day game plan and answers to the following questions:
– photo shoot start- and end time;
– getting ready location(s) and timing;
– must-take photos of the bride and groom’s preparations, any significant details that must be documented;
– first look location and timing;
– location and timing for the wedding portraits, a plan B in case of inclement weather;
– family photo combinations to make sure that no family members are overlooked and that we budget enough time to capture all family photos;
– ceremony timing, location, and logistics;
– reception timing and components (such as grand entrance, speeches, first dance, parents dance, etc);
– friends and extended family photos to be taken during reception.

Wedding Ceremony at Essex House in New York
Wedding Ceremony at Essex House New York

6. Well-developed soft skills. Everyone wants to have a pleasant experience at your wedding and your photographer will be directly interacting with most of your family and friends. It is important to keep in mind needs of the most vulnerable guests such as children and the elderly. 

Wedding couple bride and groom photo session new york public library
7. Advanced photo editing skills. Most wedding photo galleries require color correction and touch-ups before they can be delivered to the client. A great photographer understands the entire process of creating a masterful photograph from taking a great photo to perfecting it further in an advanced editing program.

African-american bride and groom wedding photo session in new york city

So, do your homework.  Talk to your prospective photographers.  Look at their previous work.  Read all their references.  Your wedding is too important an event not to get the photographer best suited to your needs.  Finding an experienced, reliable photographer will guarantee a wedding album filled with timeless memories that will tug at your heartstrings and help you relive the emotion of the day every time you look at it.

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