Make New York the destination for your wedding!

New York City is so beautiful! It has a lot to offer to people who want to have a destination wedding of their dreams. Rachael and Raj decided to tie the knot right in the middle of Manhattan, at Midtown Loft and Terrace. We started to plan their photo session long before their wedding day —  it had to be perfect!

MidtownLoftTerraceArtvesta_01Rachel was looking for a creative, photo-journalistic style in photography while Raj was more on a traditional side. But they both wanted to take advantage of multiple picturesque locations that New York City has to offer. The couple hired a vintage taxi cab from to ride from landmark to landmark and take some amazing pictures with the car. The cab and the driver, Miguel, were outstanding!

What visit to NYC will be complete without a visit to Time Square — our first photo stop. This iconic landmark, home of broadway, and the place where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, symbol of New York’s glamour and arts. A lot of Raj’s family and friends live overseas and Rachael’s loved ones are from other US cities. Time Square was the most recognizable landmark that would scream, “Hey, we got married in New York”!

MidtownLoftTerraceArtvesta_06Our second stop was the Flatiron Building — a slightly more understated, but equally iconic landmark of Manhattan. Situated at the very south end of Madison Square Park this area is tremendous for pictures and a nice stroll. Perfect blend of formal with chic and accessible fun for all.

MidtownLoftTerraceArtvesta_07-nIt has of late become a great trendy place for foodies of all types contrasting the small, high-end, chic restaurant like Eleven Madison Park with Mario Batali’s new and exciting bazaar, Eatly and with the trendy new food trucks that park alongside the park. I wanted to capture this trendy and vibrant landmark for the future New Yorkers — Rachael and Raj planned to move to NYC after their wedding. 

MidtownLoftTerraceArtvesta_08Lesser known, but extremely apropo location for our next set of shots  was the site of Robert Indiana’s “Love” sculpture in NYC. It requires no explanation why we chose this location, but a lesser known fact about it is, it’s relation to over a dozen other sculptures around the world!   I find that having such a simple message that is so universally shared and understood around the world makes this an even more interesting shot for our lovely newlywed couple. The image of the sculpture was originally designed as a Christmas card for the Museum of Modern Art in 1964.


After our three-hour picture cruise we finally arrived to Midtown loft and Terrace where we had a wonderful rooftop with a breathtaking view of the NYC skyline and a closeup of the empire state building.



The wedding was a lot of fun!


Between dancing and the main course I asked Rachael and Raj to follow me and take a few creative pictures using various lighting techniques — a back-light shot and a “painting with light” heart shot.