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What makes great wedding photography

What is great wedding photography? Is it the perfectly posed photo that captures a couple’s brightest smiles and star-struck gazes of true love? Is it the candid photo of the two caught in the act of being their goofy, down-to-earth selves? Better yet, what is great wedding photography in the perspectives of the photographer and those who are photographed? How does that saying go…”A picture says a thousand words.”? That’s right, photos are like works of art that are interpreted in the eye of the beholder. We all see the same thing, but at our own angles.

Today, we hear from a professionally photographed bride paired with my own thoughts on what makes great wedding photography.

From Photographer (Tatiana):

What do you see when you look at a wedding photo? Excellent lighting, ideal composition, great direction. That’s what you see when you look at these photos. What my clients see transcend the beauty of these photos, they relive the meaningful moment captured in that image over, and over again – the photos are alive and have breath, they will live on and on, through memory. To capture these once-in-a-lifetime shots for my clients, I need to understand who they are as a couple and what is meaningful to them. I have to be present and listen to exactly what it is that these smitten couples are communicating to me and capture that at the moment it happens – it is not orchestrated, it is organic. I have to be intuitive and feel connected with the couple to deliver meaningful photographs that tell the couple’s story in the most perfect, natural way.

Romantic meaningful moment between a bride and a maid of honor.

Photo: The bride, Jessica, and her 12-year-old maid of honor.
Wedding date: 04.12.2015
Wedding venue: The Water’s Edge, NYC

Story behind this photo: This is the bride and her 12-year-old maid of honor. The bride and the groom are high school sweethearts. They started dating when their maid of honor (groom’s sister) was born. The age of their love story equals to the age of this lovely girl on the right. The two girls symbolize the beautiful pinnacle moment of this relationship. The light and the skyline ahead symbolizes the bright future ahead. I strive to capture photos that captures my clients the way they see themselves. Photos, that reflect the very essence of my clients’ most memorable moment.

Both the bride and the photographer agree that great wedding photography results from a connection between the photographer and those who are being photographed. An unspoken understanding between the photographer and the couple combined with the photographer’s skill to beautifully capture meaningful moments creates magic – exceptional wedding photography that keeps bringing to life every treasured point in time over and over again.

Our Process

Artvesta Studio – is an award-winning photography and videography production company based out of Manhattan. In this video we are explaining our process by breaking it into seven key touch points.

To ensure our team has everything covered, we break our typical photo project into 7 key touchpoints:

1) Initial consultation, concept design
2) Contract signing. A deposit is required to book your date.
3) Family photo combinations planning
4) Location scouting and the day-of logistics planning
5) Optional Pre-wedding photoshoot
6) Wedding photoshoot
7) Post production, album design and printing

Artvesta Studio’s Process

Meet Tatiana Valerie at ArtVesta Studio

Tatiana Valerie at Panache Bridal NYC

Behind the scenes — posing the bride & groom

Behind the scenes — fashion shoot for Panache Bridal and Sophisticated Weddings magazine



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The Practical vs The Traditional. The First Look at a Wedding.

Wedding traditions often times will come in conflict with capturing the most important posed photos at a wedding, such as family pictures, bridal party pictures, and couples portraits.

If you follow strictly with tradition, the most important shots happen right after the ceremony because the first time the bride and groom see each other is during the ceremony.

The challenge with the traditional way is organizing group photos when everyone is already tired, hungry, and don’t look their best any more. Sometimes it is impossible to hunt down all the family members for the pictures as they are already enjoying the food and drinks at the cocktail hour, all scattered around.

The solution to this often overlooked problem is simple – the first look!


The First Look at a wedding

First look is a moment staged by a planner and a wedding photographer for the bride and groom to see each other before the ceremony.

The first look is a very romantic and emotional moment that is not only very special for a couple but it also helps to save a lot of precious time and give the couple peace of mind. Instead of taking couple’s portraits, family photos, and bridal party photos after the ceremony, when everyone is tired and eager to eat, drink, and party all these important photos are taken care of right after the first look, when everyone is still enthusiastic and looks fresh.

First look is the answer to a no-stress pre-ceremony photo shoot … and you will be able to swing right into the cocktail hour, have your first drink, meet and greet your guests minutes after you say your “I do’s”


ArtVesta Studio is a Yelp All Star!

I am so honored to receive this prestigious award. ArtVesta Studio is one of the 17 hand-picked businesses in NYC that have received this recognition in 2018. Thank you, Yelp!!!

Yelp All Star NYC - ArtVesta Studio Yelp All Star NYC - ArtVesta Studio Yelp All Star NYC - ArtVesta Studio

Enchanted forest-themed wedding at Tribeca Rooftop, NYC


Candice & Drew’s enchanted forest-themed wedding at Tribeca Rooftop, NYC was truly magical. The loving couple radiated happiness, love, and joy on their special day.

Being allergic to flowers, Candice requested a no-flowers wedding bouquet. “No flowers – no problem!”, Said Rachel Cho at Rachel Cho Floral Design and created this masterpiece featuring succulents, air plants and cacti!

From the couple:

How did you guys meet?

Drew and I met on an app called coffee meets bagel.  We talked before we met but on December 6th we met at The City Bakery.  We went for hot chocolate on a cold wet day.  The huge marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate are covered in powdered sugar so if you aren’t careful sugar goes everywhere. Let’s just say Drew was not careful.  I’m pretty sure he got it up his nose in his hair.  He laughed it off. Really didn’t even care. After that broke the ice we had an amazing time.  We both knew that date that this was different.   In January one of my dogs passed and drew was there helping me take care of the other dogs and me. This was the moment I knew I loved him.
What is the most memorable date you had?
Drew’s favorite date of all time was our first real going out to dinner date.  We went to The Red Cat.  We were seated in a back corner booth where we sat next to each other. Which is very romantic, unless the people across from you are drunk and trying to ask a million questions about our date.  We were laughing about it.  Drew said that night we really connected.
When did you know that Drew was the one? How and when did Drew propose?
We talked about wanting to be married and the whirlwind romance we were (are) having. On Saturday before Mother’s Day we went out with my parents, I had a work trip scheduled that week and Drew was leaving right after I got back.  My parents we’re going to be away for a while so Drew got my dad aside and asked permission and he said my mom has to say yes and so do I.  So then on our walk to Eataly he told my mom what dad said and she agreed.  We get sat down at a table and before the wine was served my dad blurts out, “apparently drew wants to marry her.” To my mother.  The entire lunch we talked about wedding and planning a wedding that I wasn’t even proposed to yet.   After lunch we are walking home and I get a group text from Drew’s Dad: Let us know when it’s official so I can welcome her into the family.  When we got home I said hey if everybody knows I want to know too. And he said but I was planning a huge proposal and I said I don’t need one. So on the couch with the dogs Drew got the ring and started to cry and I laughed and said yes.  It wasn’t the big proposal but it was perfect for us.
How long did it take you to plan your wedding?
We planned our wedding in 6 months. While I opened a store, we adopted a dog (Willcox), and we started trying and got pregnant. I only recommend it if you have a little help. My friends all got involved and were so helpful.  Once we had the major pieces in place everything else totally came together.  I also had a dozen Pinterest boards to keep all my ideas on.

Photography: ArtVesta Studio

Wedding Coordinator : Erganic Design

Floral design: Rachel Cho Floral Design

Venue, food & beverage: Tribeca Rooftop

Hair: Janeaa Jennings

Make Up: Jade Staton

Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner/Dancing Music: Element Music

Photobooth: Shake and Share Media

Stationery :



Tatiana Valerie and Olga Kvitko are featured in Marie Claire UK May 2014 issue

Tatiana Valerie at Artvesta Studioand Olga Kvitko couture are featured in Marie Claire magazine – May 2014 issue. Congratulations to Olga Kvitko, stunning gown!

A classical silk organza and re-embroidered French lace corset with lace up back dress by Olga Kvitko is featured in April’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar and May’s issue of Marie Claire UK.

Photo by  Tatiana Valerie | Makeup by Anastasia Durasova | Model Julia Melnikova

Tatiana Valerie at Artvesta studio is featured in Marie Claire magazine 2014